Concert agency
«Nebo Records»

Nebo Records operates from Moscow and Vladivostok since 2008 and has become one of the leaders in the organization of tours and concerts in Russia. Every year Nebo Records organizes more than 200 events in more than 40 cities in Russia, Belarus, Baltic states and Kazakhstan, serving as a bridge between Europe and Asia.

Our Services

Организация масштабных концертных туров
Organization of major concert tours
Организация концертов
Organization of concerts
Организация туров и концертов на Дальнем Востоке
Organization of tours and concerts in Russian Far East
Разработка сайтов, smm, интернет маркетинг
Web-sites, SMM, Internet-marketing
Предоставление услуг билетного стола
Ticket service
Букинг артистов для муниципальных, корпоративных мероприятий
Artists booking for municipal and corporate events

We've organized

Federal tours

  • Basta (2013 to this day)
  • Ruki Vverh! (2009 to this day)
  • Polina Gagarina (2019 to this day)
  • Zveri (2019 to this day)
  • Bi-2 (2009 - 2019)
  • And others...

Large-venue concerts

  • Bi-2 at Olimpiyskiy, Moscow (30,000 people)
  • Bi-2 at Ledovyi, Saint Petersburg (12,000 people)
  • Basta at KRK Uralets, Yekaterinburg (7,000 people)
  • Basta at LDS, Novosibirsk (7,000 people)
  • Ruki Vverh! at Fetisov Arena, Vladivostok (7,000 people)
  • And others...


Festivals, including "Prostor" in Khabarovsk (100,000 people)

City celebrations, professional celebrations, corporate events and large amounts

Our tours

Гарик Сукачев
Garik Sukachev
Евгений Маргулис
Evgeniy Margulis

Our contacts

Office in Moscow
127055, Moscow, Novoslobodskaya str.,
14/19, building 1, 2nd floor, office 7
Office in Russian Far East
690003, Vladivostok,
Verkhneportovaya str., 38, office 112